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Workforce management solutions - Company information systems

Company information systems

Kaba B-inspired is the beautifully simple and flexible information system with Apps for specific tasks within the organization. Eventually you can do more with terminals than just time recording.

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Shop Floor Data Collection - B-web 95 00

Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) supplies actual data about states and processes within a company. Personnel data, job data, machine capacity and stock data, quality, and maintenance data are captured in a Kaba Benzing terminal and transferred to an SFDC or ERP system.

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Time and Attendance - B-web 93 00

Time and Attendance

Every enterprise has different requirements for their Time and Attendance system. No matter what your demands are - Kaba provides the right solution! This starts with simple solutions for Time and Attendance up to the integration into ERP systems and the entire sector of Enterprise Data Collection (EDC).

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Kaba b-comm ERP 5

Solutions for ERP Systems

Kaba is the leading provider of sub-systems for Time and Attendance, Shop Floor Data Collection, and Access Control with ERP systems. More than 1700 customers rely on Kaba Benzing solutions.

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With the B-COMM Java integration platform, we offer you communications software that is independent of the operating system and the computer and guarantees data transfer between the data collection terminals and the application software of our partners or with your ERP system.

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